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Let the experts help. Sometimes things can go wrong. Bags disappear, flights get missed and people fall ill. Although Uganda is a relatively safe place it is important that you take out travel and medical insurance to cover you while you’re away.

Taking care of you

Once you have made your choices we will be here. We organize orientation meetings in London. We fetch you from the airport in Uganda. All our projects are supervised and visited on a regular basis, and we offer you support 24/7 during your stay.

Medical Advice

Seek medical advice from healthcare experts who will advise you on the most up to date information on how to protect yourself from getting Malaria and what vaccinations are needed for Uganda.

Fund Raising ideas for Volunteers

Many companies would consider sponsoring you if you approach them in the right way. Before you target them consider the following:

  • Does the company have a local interest in your school/university/community?
  • Does the company have an interest in your project or destination?
  • Can you offer the sponsor an opportunity for promotion via advertising for a sponsored event on local radio/in a newspaper/on a poster/on a T-shirt displaying their logo?

Other sources

  • Lions Club, Rotary or Round Table in your area
  • Trusts associated with churches and cathedrals
  • School and university grants
  • Charities and trusts
  • Royal Geographical Society

Two trusts that are willing to fund overseas projects are the Jack Petchey Foundation and the Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust. The Jack Petchey Foundation is for potential volunteers from London and Essex ( The Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust is for those from East Ridings of Yorkshire and Norfolk ( These are just two of many trusts that can help you to fund your gap year.

The Royal Geographical Society offers a variety of grants every year to students and researchers. To find out more about these have a look at